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What is Flash Freezing?
  • Flash Freezing

    What is flash-freezing?

    Flash-freezing is an accelerated process in which fish are frozen immediately after they’re harvested. It uses ultra-low temperatures to freeze fish solid in a matter of seconds. In fact, flash-freezing allows fish to be caught, processed, and frozen solid in a matter of hours, not days. By minimizing the timeframe between harvest and production, flash-freezing “captures” the Fish at its peak of perfection. At Gourmet South, we hold our flash-frozen fish at a constant -10° F, and then pack it in dry ice before shipping.

    Why is flash-freezing better?

    Flash-freezing maintains the “look and feel” of Seafood, without the use of artificial preservatives. It also helps fish resist freezer burn, for a much longer shelf life. Flash-freezing locks in the nutrition, texture, and flavor that you would expect from premium Fresh Fish, Beef or Chicken. In addition, the individual vacuum-packed portions are very convenient. The benefits of flash-freezing might best be summed up by the following observation: “a fresh-caught fish is like a melting ice cube, its quality can not be improved, only maintained.”

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