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Midwestern Beef > The World's Ultimate Aged Steak Blended Burgers (Large Case) 6oz or 8oz sizes on sale this week only!
The World's Ultimate Aged Steak Blended Burgers (Large Case) 6oz or 8oz sizes on sale this week only!
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Holiday Sale On Our Pat LaFrieda 
6oz & 8oz Black Angus Chuck, Brisket & Short Rib Steak Blended Burgers!



 HURRY, SALE ENDS 05/28/18

Gourmet South is proud and excited to present Pat LaFrieda's World Famous "Steak Burgers"!! This will be the best burger you'll ever put in your mouth, and now it's available through Gourmet South!


To create this special blend of Chopped American Black Angus beef, the master butchers at Pat LaFrieda Meats control every detail of production, ensuring exceptional quality. They start with the highest-quality dry aged short rib, then they add chuck to achieve the perfect balance of flavor and texture. They carefully control the temperature of both the meat and the grinding equipment so the fat stays dense and firm. A higher percentage of short rib makes this blend slightly sweeter for that Ultimate Burger Flavor and a bit leaner, too, which can reduce flare-ups when you’re cooking on a grill.

Created by Pat LaFrieda Meats a third-generation butcher that supplies meat to over 100+ Top Restaurants in New York City.
  • Combines short rib and chuck for exceptional texture with the perfect amount of fat for flavor.
  • 80/20 meat-to-fat ratio ensures robust flavor and moist texture.
  • Free-range Black Angus beef is humanely raised on family farms in the Midwest.
  • Free of antibiotics and hormones.
  • Natural grain finishing enhances the robust beef flavor.


Known for his custom-blended beef from which some of the best burgers in America are crafted, Pat LaFrieda now brings his fine quality to your kitchen.
Ideal Use
The most flavorful 8-ounce patties or beef in 
bulk lets you customize or create:
 Signature burgers 
 Gourmet meatloaf
 Signature meatballs
 Meat lasagna
For three generations, Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors and his legendary burgers have won hearts in New York City, and now he’s about to become famous throughout the country. Indulge yourself with the most winning, on-trend beefy burgers. 
Crafted from whole-muscle cuts of short rib and chuck – not trim – Pat LaFrieda meat is pure quality, from cattle that were born, grazed and processed in the United States. Quite simply, they’re the finest burgers ever!
 Made with Distinction: USDA Choice Angus chopped beef from whole, boneless primal or subprimal cuts; whole muscle, not trim.
 Rigid Quality Control: Chopped in small batches from the best and most flavorful meats to yield the finest burgers. 
 *Fresh: Fresh-refrigerated burgers with a shelf life of 7- 28 days.(Freeze before expiration date for longer storage)
 Labor Savings: Preblended varieties of short rib and chuck save you hours of preparation. 
48 - 4oz Ultimate Steak Blended Burgers per case $209
32 - 6oz Ultimate Steak Blended Burgers Per Case $209
24 - 8oz Ultimate Steak Blended Burgers Per Case $209
*Shipped or *Delivered to your door FRESH!! You can keep them fresh for 7-14 days (product date on packaging), freeze the unused portions, they will be good for 4-6 months!
(*There is an additional charge for shipping fresh product. All products shipped will be frozen. To order fresh, please call Gourmet South.)
Order your case today and taste why we call this "The World's Ultimate Steak Burger"!!


The Magician of Meat

And now Pat LaFrieda will pull a brisket-chuck blend out of his hat. 

Read more about Pat LaFrieda and how this incredible burger came to life. http://nymag.com/restaurants/features/65124/
Watch Pat LaFrieda and his team on "MEATMEN" Monday Night's on The Food Network.

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